About Wapusk Adventures

David and Valerie Daley are long time residents of Churchill, with David’s family history going back to the 1950s.

They have both worked to become part of Churchill’s tour industry. Hard work has made their dreams come true with the creation of Wapusk General Store (hand-built by Dave) and Wapusk Adventures Dog Sled Camp (paw-built by Dave’s dogs).store_grey

Wapusk Adventures is a Churchill-owned and operated business, and takes pride in promoting this northern town. This is reflected in the spirit and enjoyable atmosphere at their camp in the boreal forest.


In 2005, Wapusk Adventures received both the Manitoba Aboriginal Tourism Award and the Manitoba Hydro Spirit of the Earth Award.

We are proud of our Métis heritage and proud of living ‘up north. This extends throughout our work at Wapusk Adventures and is part of the reason, we do our best to give visitors a little glimpse of the traditional and the modern Métis lifestyle. Everything we have goes ‘to the dogs’. We work hard to make sure they have a good life and that we offer the best product we can.

Each year, we add something new to Wapusk Adventures. We hope you can join us on the Ididamile adventure!