Dog Sled Tours in Churchill, Manitoba

PBI kids go for a sled dog ride at Dave Daly's kennel in Churchill, Manitoba.Wapusk Adventures can offer you the freedom and excitement of dog sledding in a northern boreal wilderness. Travel in our custom-built sleds, pulled by the friendliest, hardest working huskies in Churchill, and feel the fresh cold Arctic air on this exhilarating ride along our well groomed trails.

The level of participation is your choice. At Wapusk Adventures we offer an experience that is safe, educational and fun! Let us be the highlight of your trip to Churchill.



Introduction to Dog Sledding
(October & November)

We will transport you to our dog camp located four miles from Churchill. You’ll be met by 28 eager staff members, at least one of whom is a human. After an introduction to the dogs, there will be time to hear their stories and take pictures.

D275455Gather together with Dave Daley and learn about dog sledding from an expert, including his dog philosophy and a few tales of arctic racing. Dave will then take you on the ‘Ididamile’, our one mile long trail ride through Churchill’s boreal forest.

While waiting for your turn, enjoy hot chocolate and bannock inside a warm cabin, another unique northern experience. When everyone is back and the dogs have been put away, there will be a further opportunity to visit with the mushers.




Cost: $95 per person plus GST
Departs daily from Wapusk General Store
8:30am to 11:00am and 1:30pm to 4:00pm